Transform Your Stress to Calm with Geri Sue!


9L4U9714.web 2014Would you like to approach and resolve stressful situations from a calm, centered perspective?

Stress is a huge part of all our lives and we can choose to have it be a big part of our lives or we can choose to find ways to cope with the stress. There are many ways to do this. The solution is finding out what works for YOU.


I believe it is time we start a revolution to empower people to take control of their health, happiness and overall well-being.  I believe the first step is by Managing Your Stress.

 Are you a Non-Stop Nancy (or Nick)?

  • I wake up in the morning and hit the ground running.  
  • I am a busy, mature, professional who has spent my life concentrating on family and career, taking care of others and putting myself LAST on the priority list.
  • I find myself saying “I don’t have enough time to get everything accomplished”.
  • “I am so stressed I don’t know where to begin to relieve the stress”.
  • I find myself eating on the run and reaching for food to fill in the gaps for what I really need and want.
  • I am frazzled.
  • “What the heck is time management”?
  • I love my job and my family yet find that they are taking all my energy leaving nothing for me.
  • I find these things are taking a toll on my health, my sleep, and the way I think.
  • I find myself always onto the next task instead of focusing on what I am doing right now.
  • I want to have time for connecting with friends, taking care of myself, and reconnect with my inner child.

What I really want right now is to learn to breathe and slow down to enjoy each moment, manage my time more efficiently, make myself a priority, learn to reduce my stress level, create healthy lifestyle habits, reconnect with friends, and learn ways to reconnect with my inner child.

If this is you, you have come to the right place!

How do I know all of this – that used to be me!  I have been there! I have found ways to reduce my stress through laughter, breathing and lifestyle changes including eating right for me and finding time for self-care so I am able to create the life I have always wanted. I have learned how to manage my time instead of allowing my time to manage me. Take a look at the About Me page to read my story. I would love to help you find what works for YOU.

As a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and a Certified Breathologist (Breathing Techniques), I empower you to manage stress from a very holistic perspective so you can go from Non-Stop to Nice and Easy.

Make the time to empower yourself and contact me to set up a FREE “Let’s Get Acquainted ” Session to find out how you can go from Non-Stop to Nice and easy by creating a healthy, happy, calm life for yourself.  You can reach me by phone at 513-907-1733 or email at or go to Connect with Me on this website.